Water Loss Control

The American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated that costs for households and businesses due to unreliable water and wastewater infrastructure is $75 billion annually. Yet water utilities lack clear standards or regulatory support in order to reduce water leakage and its associated economic and social costs. Gaining a better understanding of how the Great Lakes states are handling this issue is critical for the long-term protection and stewardship of this important natural resource.

CNT, in partnership with American Water Works Association, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, and the Great Lakes Commission, is currently surveying the water-loss control policies of a select number of utilities within the Great Lakes region to identify issues and develop strategies for improved investment in water infrastructure and services.

CNT will use data from the utility survey to help inform a forthcoming publication that highlights the cost to society of not appropriately investing in our water services. Following publication of our findings and recommendations, CNT plans to work with a select number of utilities to make voluntary improvements in water-loss control.

Program Contact
Danielle Gallet, Infrastructure Strategist


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