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The aging pipes and sewers essential to our water services are leaking; Great Lakes water and taxpayers’ money are going down the drain. There is a need to raise water service rates to address our decrepit water infrastructure, but in order to do that, utilities and municipalities must make the case to the public by reporting on the current situation, outlining plans for improvement, and explaining how taxpayer dollars will be spent to get there.

CNT is well positioned to help stakeholders understand the problem and develop cost-effective, socially and environmentally responsible solutions. The goals of our water supply program are to:

  • Strengthen public reporting on leak rates and maintenance programs
  • Turn the Great Lakes into a center of excellence for water service innovation
  • Protect the quality and quantity of our regional water resources
  • Generate jobs and spur economic revitalization

CNT has three approaches:

Research: We are gathering data on current water loss control standards and policies among utilities within the Great Lakes states.

Solutions: We are working with utilities and our partners to reduce leakage through voluntary, bottom‐up adoption of best practices delivered through public-private initiatives.

Advocacy: We are developing model legislation that will require leakage reporting and reduction targets.

We have appointed an advisory group to help steer this work.

Advisory Group
Janice A. Beecher, Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University
George Kunkel, Philadelphia Water Department
Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency
Joel Brammeier, Alliance for the Great Lakes
Karen Hobbs, Natural Resources Defense Council
Cynthia Lane, American Water Works Association
Becky Pearson, Great Lakes Commission
Josh Ellis, Metropolitan Planning Council

Federal Agency Liaison
Cary McElhinney, U.S. EPA Region Five

Program Contact
Danielle Gallet, Infrastructure Strategist

Download the latest survey findings >>
Water Loss Control in the Great Lakes States, A Utility Survey Report

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