Center for Neighborhood Technology has been conducting research and developing and testing innovative programs to use urban resources more efficiently for almost 30 years. These efforts inevitably relate to the growing concerns about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing global warming.

CNT’s research has shown that cities can be the most efficient places to live, with their lower per capita greenhouse gas emissions due to efficient land use and transportation alternatives. Because urban areas are compact and have extensive mass transit and communication networks, they offer the greatest opportunities to help solve the climate crisis by expanding and enhancing their existing strategies for reducing carbon emissions.

Some key facts:

  • U.S. public transit riders save over 7 million tons of CO2 each year,
  • Households near transit systems own roughly one fewer car than the average household,
  • Replacing old and inefficient appliances, such as window air conditioners and refrigerators, can save households money and reduce electricity demands.

Learn more about our research and steps you can take to help improve the environment by checking out our current projects at right.

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