CNT Energy’s policy agenda focuses on expanding the reach of state efficiency programs, ensuring robust regional coordination among efficiency providers, and informing the national, state, and local debates over how best to create economic benefit through energy efficiency.


Promote Energy Efficiency. By providing comments to the Illinois Commerce Commission and Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group, CNT Energy will help develop policies that promote comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit programs in Illinois. We will also work to promote and implement the policy recommendations from our February 2012 Engaging as Partners paper.


Develop policies that promote comprehensive and coordinated energy efficiency programs in Illinois. CNT Energy promotes the allocation of energy efficiency savings credits from coordinated multi-party programs to utilities for use in meeting Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) goals. We will encourage utility participation in statewide marketing efforts, encourage consolidated contractor development and quality assurance/quality control efforts by utilities, and assist with development of new partnerships to improve energy efficiency programming in the region.

Work to maximize consumer benefits through the use of Dynamic Pricing and Smart Grid. CNT Energy will work to help utilities and stakeholders incorporate real time pricing and lessons we have learned from customer education around real time pricing into utility Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation plans.

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