CNT believes cities and regions have a variety of intrinsic assets. Some assets are tangible, such as the large aggregated purchasing power of urban families and households or existing infrastructure for utilities and municipal services. Other assets are intangible, yet still quite real and valuable. They include a sense of community and place and the wealth of organizations and institutions committed to that area’s future and quality of life. By recognizing and valuing both kinds of assets, new policies can make it easier to put them to work for community renewal and reinvestment.

The aim of CNT’s 2013 policy agenda is to develop and advocate for legislation and regulations that make use of a city’s intrinsic assets to build sustainable communities—sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. We can get there by pursuing four broad goals: giving people more transportation options to lower the cost of living, making buildings more energy efficient, protecting our water by treating it as an asset rather than a waste product, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CNT will work at all levels of government to forward specific policies and programs that move us closer to achieving sustainable communities. The sections in the menu bar to the right provide details about our policy priorities for 2013.

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